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Bandung Guide : Top Places to Visit During Your Trip

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Bandung is the capital of the West Java province in Indonesia, this city is encircled by volcanic mountains and tea manors. Bandung offers a lot of natural beauty, drawing travelers from abroad or homegrown to come. The city is basically cooler than other big cities in Indonesia with an average temperature of 23.6º Celcius throughout the year.

Get to Bandung

Bandung is reachable through the air via Husein Sastranegara International Airport and lands via train and buses. There are a series of carriers and trains which go to Bandung directly from Jakarta and other cities.

Places to visit in Bandung

As we mentioned before, Bandung is encircled by volcanic mountains and tea plantations, and here are some of our must-see spots:

1. Kawah Putih

Located 2400 meters above sea level, Kawah Putih is an impressive volcanic lake, and one of several craters that make up Mount Patuha. The lake’s acidic white-to-turquoise body of water offers a whitish glow, something that is mystical yet breathtaking. If you want to visit Kawah Putih, we need to get to a gate as the entry point around five kilometers below the crater site.

We want to suggest you rent a private car to travel to the drop-off point, it will be easier and more cost-effective. From the gate, we can hop on minibusses that arrive every five minutes to get to the crater. Tourists may also need to bring along a face mask as the crate has sulphuric gas.

2. Tangkuban Perahu

Another majestic attraction around Bandung is Tangkuban Perahu. It is a  volcano that sits 30 kilometers north of the city center. It’s beautiful but a highly active volcano.

3. Museum of The Asian-African Conference

Bandung also has a historic building that used to hold the first-ever diplomatic meeting between leaders of Asian, Middle Eastern as well as African countries, a memorable milestone in human history. If you love history, you’ll appreciate visiting the Museum of The Asian-African Conference. The museum offers the actual site where those leaders assembled.

We hope you can enjoy Bandung as much as we did. Best of luck!

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