Things To Do In Nusa Penida With 2 Days Trip

Nusa Penida has become a popular destination for travelers as the Island offers majestic cliffs, T-rex shaped cliff, secluded beaches, and manta-ray experience. If you want to get away from the crowd and tourist spots in Bali, then heading to Nusa Penida can be a great choice.

Nusa Penida is the biggest island among several Nusa islands and one day is not sufficient to appreciate the Island. We suggest you better stay here for at least two nights because there are many great places to enjoy during your visitation, don't be too rush!


Bring cash as there are only a few ATMs available on the Island.


Nusa Penida is located on the southeast of Bali Island, and one popular way to go to Nusa Penida Island is by public speedboats or traditional boats. The starting point is Sanur Beach and it will take up to one hour to reach Nusa Penida.

If you are planning to bring your own car or scooter, you need a different route. Your starting point will be Padang bay, there are daily public ferry boats to take you crossing the Badung Strait, it takes around one hour to get to the Toya Pakeh Harbor. It departs from Padang bay every morning around 6:30 AM.

There is no public transportation in Nusa Penida Island, and the best option to rent a bike or a car to visit attractions on the Island. The last time I rent a bike in the Island was Rp 80.000 A day.

Places to Go

1. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay can be the first destination after reaching the Island. The beach was nice with calm waves and as its name suggests, the water crystal clear with white sand. We can rent a boat to take us swimming or snorkeling at several places like Manta Point.

2. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Secret Point is quite popular among Instagramers and photographers. The main attraction of this place is a cliff that truly does look like a T-rex. The locals called this place as Kelingking, it means pinkie finger after the famous cliff form in the shape of a pinkie finger.

Tourists can go down the beach by taking stairs from the top of the cliff, although it is not suitable for swimming due to high waves and strong tide. This can be a nice place to end the day witnessing sunset with travel buddies.

3. Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong

Another beautiful attraction in Nusa Penida is Angel’s Billabong, it is a tide pool cascades into the ocean on the east coast of Nusa Penida. The best way to swim in this area is at low tide. Not far from the Angel's Billabong, you can see Broken Beach, it is a little cove where the ocean flows through a naturally formed archway in the cliff. Locals called this place pasir uug but travelers prefer to use Broken Beach name.

4. Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach

This place is located on the eastern part of the Island. We need to hike down to the beach, it takes 20 minutes to hike down from the parking area. Atuh Beach is a wonderful white sand beach surrounded by the huge cliffs and magical rock formations.

5. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

On the other side of the hill, there is a beautiful Beach called Diamond Beach. This beautiful beach previously can only be seen from the cliff. Thanks to the locals, we can now reach the beach through the stairs.

  • August 16, 2020
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