Things To Explore In Dieng, Central Java

If you have a few more days to spend during your visitation to Yogyakarta, then we can suggest you go to Dieng Plateau in Central Java. It takes a few hours drive from Yogyakarta and offers amazing landscapes that make us feel reached the remote lands.

Getting Around

Dieng is a few hours drive from Yogyakarta, with Wonosobo as the stepover. The route will be Yogyakarta to Wonosobo and then Dieng. The plateau can be fully explored within a day or two if you decide to explore Prau mountain too.

We can either book a tour to Dieng from Yogyakarta, or we can rent a bike or car for days exploring those attractions without a tour package. We can depart from Yogyakarta in the afternoon and take a short break in Wonosobo until Midnight before heading to the first destination before the dawn. We can rent a homestay and guesthouse in Wonosobo or Dieng, it depends on your preferences.

1. Sikunir Sunrise


The very first thing to do in Dieng Plateau of Central Java is to witness golden sunrise on the top of Sikunir Hill. Travelers can head to the highest village in Java Island named Sembungan Village before dawn and take a short trek to its peak for a beautiful sunrise above the clouds, it takes around 20 minutes from the parking lot to the top.

2. Arjuna Temple

Arjuna Temple

The next thing to do after the sunrise is the Arjuna Temple Complex, it is home to some of the oldest temples in Indonesia. This is a good spot to relax after the hike.

The Arjuna temple is claimed to be amongst the oldest of Java's Hindu temples

3. Telaga Warna

The next stop will be Telaga Warna, Dieng has a ‘color-changing’ lake known as Telaga Warna. The lake contains a lot of Sulfur so the deep blues and greens of this multihued lake will change when the sunlight highlights the water.

There is also vantage point on the top of the hill to enjoy ‘color-changing’ lake from above.

4. Prau

Another thing we can do during our visitation in Dieng is the summit of Mount Prau. The climb is categorized as Easy, just like a nice walk in the woods. The camping ground can be reached in 2 to 4 hours depends on the pace. The best time to start the hike in the afternoon, so we will reach the viewpoint just in time before the sunset.

We can set the camp waiting for the sunrise. In the morning, we can get an extraordinary view, at the top of Mount Prau, we will able to see other mountains like mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Lawu. 

  • August 12, 2020
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