Things To Explore In Malang

Malang is certainly the city that is worth exploring, it offers a lot to spots to explore, from beautiful waterfalls, mountains, museums and more. Malang is located in East Java, tourists use Malang as a stopover before heading to the Bromo.

If you have a longer time to spend, then we can recommend you to take 2 / 3 days in Malang. Here are 5 ideas that can guide you to the most amazing holiday in and around Malang.


Well, this is one of the most favorite destinations to visit. Malang and probolinggo are ideal stopover before heading to Bromo.

Mount Bromo name was originated from the Hindu god, Brahma, it is located in the middle of a plain which is also known as Lautan Pasir or Sea of Sand. The main attraction of Bromo is watching a sunrise over the horizon at Penanjakan viewpoint, the miraculous view of Bromo will be surrounded by mist and rays of sun climb over the horizon.

We will need to wait hours for the sunrise, be sure to bring your jacket, gloves to protect you from the cold temperatures, it can drop as low as 8 celcius.

Get to Bromo

Train Network in Indonesia is affordable, if you depart from Bali, you can go to Java Island using a bus, from there we need to go to Banyuwangi Railway Station and book a train to Probolinggo or Malang. There are a few options to choose from.

There is no public transportation to Bromo, you can share a jeep with other travelers or you can also book a private jeep.

Coban Rondo

Coban rondo is located in Batu, a small town under hills. The location offer waterfall that tumbles 60 meters over the edge of the cliff into a deep pond.

The attraction has Labyrinth Garden too, where you can try your luck finding the way out, walking through the maze covered with leaves. There is also a viewpoint to help your friends find the way or to help you take a photo with a bird view angle.4

Getting to Coban Rondo

The easiest way is to use riding-haul apps like Gojek or Grab, the driver will take you to the location and you can ask them to bring you back to the town.

Museum Angkut

This one is relatively new attractions in the city but it is definitely a not-to-miss tourist spot. The museum has a huge collection of vintage cars and other classic transportation with 70% of them are functioning properly.

The collection is divided into a number of zones based on the maker's country, and we can learn the development of vehicles until the modern-day. There are some theme classic backgrounds to help us to get back to the old days.

Getting to Museum Angkut

The easiest way is to use riding-haul apps like Gojek or Grab.

Kampung Jodipan

Not too far from Malang Railway Station, we will find a small colorful village to walk through known as Kampung Jodipan. The locals in collaboration with corporations decorated their homes with different colors and painted some 3D art paint to bring artsy experience.

Getting to Kampung Jodipan

It takes 10 minutes walk from Malang Railway Station, but you can also use Gojek or Grab.

Tumpak Sewu

Tumpak sewu is located in the Lumajang, a two-hours drive to the East of Malang. Coban Sewu means Thousand Waterfalls and as its name suggests, there are a lot of high waterfalls that come from various sides for a full 180 degrees.

To get to the waterfall, we need to climb down a series of bamboo ladders into a deep ravine. It’s a challenging climb and sometimes we need to crawl, but the view from the bottom of Coban Sewu is definitely worth the journey. Alternatively, this can be enjoyed from the top.

Getting to Coban Sewu

We can rent a car with a driver, it takes up to two hours' drive to the location. If you want a little bit of adventure, you can rent a bike from Malang and depart from the town at the dawn.

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